Don't let bad translators mess up your business in China!
- Let me help you get the job done.

Most westerners in China have had a bad Chinese translator. Supposed to make your life easier, a bad translator is often an obstacle, not translating important phrases, entering the discussions themselves, and simply not understanding how to help you reach your goals. It is a common expectation that using a translator in China can be a struggle in itself.

As a Chinese translator who takes my work seriously I want to change this.

Having lived in Europe during my studies, and having worked mostly for westerners since returning to China, I know the western way of doing things. I understand the importance of time and results.

My name is Wenni Wang (王文妮). I am a responsible and independant woman. I am from Dalian in North China, where I studied English at the university. Then I studied German and Business. I have worked as a translator, Chinese tutor and business assistant, both freelance and full-time for international companies like Bao Steel. I speak German, English and Mandarin.

Born and raised in China, I know the Chinese way of doing things. Over the years I have gained experience in helping westerners getting results in China, whether it be interpreting business meetings, helping to find a new apartment, buying headache medicine or help negotiating the salary of domestic help.

Business Assistant

With years of work experience in international companies in China I am a very capable Business Assistant. Some examples of things I can help you with:

  • Interpreting business meetings and factory visits,
  • Translating Business letters into Chinese,
  • Proof-reading Chinese text,
  • Help interviewing candidates,
  • Help finding and contacting potential business partners,
  • Tour Guide, buying tickets, hotel reservation, etc.

Personal Assistant

I have a lot of experience in helping foreigners in their daily life in China, for example:

  • Help finding a nice apartment and going over the lease contract,
  • Help finding and interviewing domestic help (ayi, nanny, driver, etc.)
  • Teaching Chinese – I have years of experience tutoring Mandarin Chinese to people from USA, England, Australia, France, Denmark, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Korea, India and others.
  • Helping with doctor or hospital visits,
  • Buying Chinese SIM Card for your mobile phone,
  • I know my way around Shanghai and I can help with most issues. Let me know how I can help.

What my clients are saying about me

Siv from Denmark: “When I first came to China, I interviewed several Chinese tutors and in the end chose Wenni, because it is obvious she is used to westerners and our ways. She tought me Chinese on my terms and would select phrases and books specially useful for me and my job. I also used her to communicate with my maid, the compound service office, and brought her with me to register at the police station, to go to the doctor etc. which was a huge help, because she knew me and could therefore explain everything very precisely. She has been a great tutor and I can only recommend her.”

Contact me

You are most welcome to contact me whether you need a one-time guide, weekly Chinese lessons, a full time personal assistant or anything in between.

+86 13761573436

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